What if?: Broken Matt Hardy’s challenge

To say Matt Hardy has had a career resurgence is an understatement. As Team Extreme, Matt Hardy was able to ascend to stardom. But once the Hardy’s went their separate ways, it was clear that Jeff Hardy was the more popular of the two. Just look at how they were both booked during their stints in WWE. It seemed as though Matt was going to be another one of those wrestlers who would do anything for attention. His career seemed to be winding down, even after winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. His reign just didn’t seem to click. And then he unveiled what would be his masterpiece today. Matt Hardy would become “Broken”. He was disheveled. He spoke with a strange accent. His words matched those of a rambling, crazy man. With his “Broken” character came with it Matt Hardy’s relevance in professional wrestling. For once, he is outshining Jeff Hardy, who is now Brother Nero. That’s not to say Jeff Hardy isn’t doing well as he now has another facet of his already multiple personalities.

The masterpieces that are “The Final Deletion” and “Delete or Decay” are as polarizing as “Broken” Matt Hardy; it’s either you love it or hate it. There’s no in-between. In fact, “The Final Deletion” was so wildly successful that WWE decided to deliver their own version called “The Wyatt’s Compound”. Matt Hardy reacted, calling out Bray Wyatt on Twitter, which engaged in a brief Twitter feud between a broken man and an eater of worlds. But this engagement sparked a fantasy match people would’ve love to see.

What if Bray Wyatt and “Broken” Matt Hardy fought?

With TNA continuing to sink, WWE would undoubtedly have taken control of this and it’s obvious that it would be in the same vein of “The Final Deletion”. Though WWE will be funding this match, they will need to give creative control to both Hardy and Wyatt, but more specifically Hardy. This concept is his mastermind. WWE wasn’t able to produce the same magic with their “Wyatt Compound” match.

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As for the booking of the match itself, it will be an all-out affair. On Hardy’s side he has Brother Nero, his wife Reby Sky, his groundskeeper Senor Benjamin, and Vanguard 1. However, on Wyatt’s side, he would have Luke Harper and Erick Rowan and the newly allied Randy Orton. On top of that, something tells me that if this match were to happen, this would be the grand debut of Sister Abigail. It would be a grandiose tale, but the only way to go with this is a Wyatt victory. Though Hardy may have been the brainchild of this match and has been on a roll as of late, he does not need to win in order to maintain his momentum. The beauty of “Broken” Matt Hardy is that he is supposed to be over-the-top. The value of his gimmick doesn’t hinge on whether or not he is able to win the feud, but rather if he is able to act accordingly to the aftermath of the match. Wyatt on the other hand must win the match in order to maintain whatever credibility he has. Losing to someone that is essentially an over-the-top version of you would destroy Wyatt’s stock. There is no promo that would rebuild his aura; no victory that would erase this loss. Like Kane and The Undertaker, Hardy will be just fine losing in a type of match that he essentially created and has the right to challenge other people, which leads us to the next question:

What if The New Day and The Young Bucks answered the challenge? 


The Bray Wyatt vs. Matt Hardy fight would definitely be in a “Delete” match. This triple threat match, however, would take place in a ring without the bells and whistles. The New Day are entertaining enough to hold their own on-screen, but The Young Bucks aren’t the type of team to be featured in those matches. Looking at each team, The Young Bucks are solely at a numbers disadvantage with there being three members of The New Day and Reby Sky most likely valeting for The Broken Hardy’s. That’s not to say that The Young Bucks are outclassed. Comparing all three teams, The Young Bucks have the strongest team chemistry simply for the fact that they have always been a tag team whereas The New Day and The Broken Hardy’s are all fully capable of branching out on their own and have their own distinctive style of wrestling.

With the match itself, there are so many different ways this match can be booked. Since they are all champions in their respective companies, there’s a slim possibility that it can be a TLC Match, but there’s the issue of the champions losing their belts to someone outside of the company. And a TLC match without anything on the line to climb a ladder for is a waste of time. This match could also be a standard triple threat match, but that leaves a whole bunch of shenanigans like stealing wins, something that would be unsatisfactory to the crowd. This match needs to be a triple threat elimination match. It’s not about beating one team, but outlasting the other two teams. It’s the only way to truly solidify which team is the superior.

The match itself would contain some high-risk spots and a lot of back-and-forth action with a number of close falls. However, The Young Bucks will have the unfortunate honor of being the first team eliminated by the Broken Hardy’s. The Young Bucks being eliminated first has nothing to do with how they are seen or the amount of accolades they have gained, but rather because of the numbers game. Having to fend off an extra New Day member as well as Reby Sky will eventually take its toll on The Young Bucks, leading to a valiant but expected elimination. This brings things down to The Broken Hardy’s and The New Day.

This phase of the match will feature more near-falls than spots, but will undoubtedly come down to Matt Hardy and Reby Ski and Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods as Brother Nero would most likely have sacrificed himself to Swanton Bomb Big E through a table. Reby and Woods would argue, leading to Reby slapping and low blowing Woods and distracting Kingston. Hardy would hit Twist of Fate, but at the last second, Big E would break up the pin. With Brother Nero still incapacitated, Hardy will valiantly fight off Big E until Woods comes through with Francesca 3, leading to The Big Ending and a New Day victory. The New Day are the longest reigning tag-team champs for a reason and that’s because they not only know how to utilize their third teammate, but simply because when it comes down to it, Woods can get more involved in the match. But because this is all speculation, this opinion can only be taken at face value. Unless…

What if TNA completely sink and The Broken Hardy’s make their way back to WWE?

Considering the roll that The Broken Hardy’s gimmick is on, having them re-sign with the WWE would be a steal. With the Hardy’s back in WWE, they will have gained instant momentum due to their past history in the WWE. And with Matt Hardy back in WWE, we can actually get matches against Bray Wyatt. But not The New Day. WWE tends to protect their home-grown talent. Don’t believe me? Compare the bookings of AJ Styles, Sasha Banks, Dean Ambrose, or Cesaro to John Cena, Nikki Bella, Charlotte, and Roman Reigns. The Hardy’s would be drafted straight to Smackdown to avoid any potential clash with The New Day. It would also be a challenge for WWE creative, who also have an alleged history with disregarding creative angles from wrestlers in favor of their own. If The Broken Hardy’s were to return to WWE, the WWE universe should not be surprised if they start off hot but end up splitting with Jeff Hardy regaining his namesake and going on to be booked more successfully. It’s the feel good story that WWE will want to go with.




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